• Solar Panel with bracket could be adjusted Sloping Angle for decreasing dust and better absorb solar energy.
  • Maintenance-free and installation-friendly.
  • Three color temperatures: Warm / Pure White / Cold White could be altered by remote.

Additional information

Solar Power

16W 6V


LiFe PO4 15Ah 3.2V



Model SP-CL01 SP-CL02 SP-CL03 SP-CL04 SP-CL05
Solar Panel 3W 6V 6W 6V 8W 6V 12W 6V 16W 6V
Storage Battery 3Ah 3.2V 5Ah 3.2V 5Ah 3.2V 10Ah 3.2V 15Ah 3.2V
Battery Type LiFe PO4
light Source 54 PCS 5730 LED 76 PCS 5730 LED 110 PCS 5730 LED 170 PCS 5730 LED 238 PCS 5730 LED
Light Power 3W 430LM 5W 530LM 8W 900LM 12W 1260LM 20W 2190LM
Color Temperature Warm/ Pure White/ Cold White are altered by remote
Charging Time 6-8 Hours
Working Mode Light control & Intelligent remote control & Time control
Working Time 8-12hrs for 1 to 2 rainy days
Cable 5 Meters with water-proof wire connection
Main Material Plastic
IP Grade IP44
Warranty 1 Year
Installation Height 2-3M 2-3M 2-3M 3-4M 3-4M
Set/CTN 14 Sets 12 Sets 5 Sets 5 Sets 3 Sets
Measure./CTN 48*39*29.5CM 49.5*39*35.5CM 450*42*31.5CM 46.5*37.5*33.5CM 39*30.5*39.5CM

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